birthday | 11 oct '03


Hi! My name is Sarai. I am very independent and quite content to play by myself; I like to do things my own way, because I am a true artist. I used to live with my biological family, but that environment was very unsafe, and I was taken to the public orphanage. I lived at the orphanage until my new mommy brought me home in 2007 and nursed my malnourished body back to health. My sisters, Paola and Michelle, came to EFP too, and here we get something we never got at the orphanage–a loving and nurturing Mommy! We also got more sisters, and I have so much fun swimming, coloring, reading and playing with them. Mommy says I crack her up with my stubborn personality and contagious giggle, and she is so happy I came to live with her. As for favorites, I really like the color green. I also like horses because they like apples like I do. I think it would be great to be a horse, don’t you? Horses don’t eat little girl food, though; I would miss out on MilkyWays and ice cream cake! Maybe I will be able to grow my own food someday; when I grow up I want to be a Gardener. Then I could grow roses too. I could be a Ballerina, too; I am double-jointed all over and more flexible than all of my sisters. My true passion is being creative; I love anything that has to do with art.