Birthday | 3 Sep '08


Hola, I’m Nahomy. I can charm almost anyone with my little girl smile. Especially when I am dressed for the occasion. I love playing dress up. I really do look gorgeous in a pink or purple dress. In fact I think everything pink and purple looks magnificent. And if I can get a hold of my mom’s high heels to play with, I am on it. Don’t kid yourself though. I can be unbelievably strong minded too when I feel like it. I have been through severe trauma for a girl my age, but I’m learning how to heal. I am living with my mom, Genna and my sisters, Flor and Estefani in a house down the road from Aunt Allison. Child Services says we need someone to help us get back on our feet as a family, so this is what Aunt Allison is doing. I love playing with her girls and feel safe at her house. She will hold me, if I need it, and feel it’s like a second home.