birthday | 27 dec '03


Hola, I'm Estefani. I am the quieter one of my sisters, Flor and Nahomy. Well, that is until I trust and know you. Then I can scream and play as loudly as any of my cousins at EFP, and I know nothing better than to dance with them and play ball with them. There is always a party going on, and I love joining it. They also have the moviePrincess Charm School. That is my favorite movie. My teacher says, that I am really good at math and art. I like both, but most of all, I would like to be a ballet teacher. I really like helping my cousins getting their ballet routines right. Would be great to do that as a full time job. I have spent a little time at an orphanage until Allison came and took my sisters and me to her own house. After that we spent a little time with another family from the states before being placed back with our mother. We now live right down the street from Aunt Allison, where my mom works during the day and my sisters and I play with our cousins there.