birthday | 31 aug '04


Hi! I’m Aracely. I love to make my family laugh with my funny faces, original jokes and crazy antics. I wasn’t always this way; When I came, I was so sick that I could hardly breathe, and my tummy was so swollen that I could barely fit into clothes; I was almost three and couldn’t walk. Then, my new eternal family took me home and gave me the love and care I needed. As a result, I am the bright-eyed, giggly girl you see now! At my new home I love to swim, play, sing and learn with my adopted sisters. I love watching Malificent and find Kung Fu Panda; absolutely hilarious movies. Even though I look beautiful in pink, I like the colors blue and white the best because they are the colors of Honduras. My favorite thing to do is go with mommy on errands, or just any kind of outing actually. Mommy says I am very smart, and that I am the class clown; I am also a great dancer and have an adorable singing voice! When I grow up, I would like to be a teacher.