birthday | 18 may '99


Hello! I’m Gaby and I am the feisty, freckle-faced sister of the bunch at my house. I’m unable to walk, but that doesn’t hold me back from doing everything my other sisters do. Mommy says I am very athletic, and thinks if I was given the opportunity, I could definitely make it to the Olympics someday. I think that would be awesome! I love to play baseball and I could swim all day; in fact, if I could, I would be a mermaid, because they DO exist! ;) I also love to take care of and play with our dogs, Fendi & Prada, and hope to be a veterinarian when I grow up. I got a late start on my schooling, and have had to play catch up a bit.  It doesn't bother me much, as I am determined to graduate. Mommy is sad because here in Honduras, there is very little opportunity for me to be mobile and access everything that other people can. As well, doctors both here and in the States say that surgery will not help me to walk. We are thankful, however, that I can have physiotherapy here in Honduras; it helps with my flexibility and strength. Mommy and I are also very happy because I have a family in the States who will be my host family while on a student visa, if God opens the doors. They live outside of Orlando, and you know what that means...neighbors with Micky!