In June of 2000, the EFP family began when Allison Alexander traveled to Honduras for the first time, as a short-term volunteer to work in an orphanage. What began as a summer volunteer opportunity became the next two years of the God leading, teaching and opening her eyes to the needs of the children of Honduras as she lived and served at the orphanage. During this time she witnessed the stark realities of the lives of abandoned and abused children in Honduras. It is typical of many orphanages that children are not educated beyond a basic middle school level, creating struggles as they reach the age to be released. They are faced with limited choices, having little education and job skills. Girls and boys, once they hit puberty, often live on the streets, many times resorting to crime and/or prostitution for survival. For the girls, they sometimes may be offered a job within the orphanage, essentially becoming enslaved, with no other options. Allison saw that many of the children left the orphanage only to return to the streets of gangs, crime, prostitution and death, God prompted her to do something about it. After researching and finding that at the time, there were no halfway houses or young women’s shelters to help these girls, she planned to create a better solution that would provide them with a stable home and a real future of opportunities.

In August of 2004 Allison moved back to Honduras and into the future of the service that the she was called to do. With the help of her sister Abigail and friend Crista, the Eternal Family Project was born. They rented a house in the coastal town of Omoa, just west of Puerto Cortés, and invited nine young women (ages 18-22), which they had known from the orphanage, to be a part of the EFP family.


There are many obstacles in the lives of the children and youth here and only Jesus can heal the destruction and pain these children have experienced. Our mission is to offer a loving home and family environment that provides for and nurtures the children of Honduras that have been abused, abandoned and neglected by their families. We offer a safe and supportive family, ensuring that each family member receives an education, proper health care and spiritual guidance and support. We strive to help them become established as productive, strong members of society to break the cycle of poverty and abuse they were victims of.


In Honduras, even more so than elsewhere, education is alpha and omega in acquiring a job. That is why giving the girls a quality education is a top priority for us and why we have started our own school- The Learning Center.

  • We have 13 girls in primary

  • Five girls are studying in middle school or high school

  • We have had 5 girl finishing high school - one as valedictorian and two others competing with her for the spot.

  • Four girls are currently in college (medicine, nursing, law, and business).

  • One has graduated from college and is looking into Master's programs.



  • Weighed 16 pounds at 6 years old, she was in the hospital for a total of 22 weeks.

  • She had no education, had never been to school, held a pencil or even seen a car before.

  • She is 16 now and a very sweet, compassionate, and healthy 10th grader.


  • She had a 30 inch waist at 2 years of age due to parasites and swelling. The doctors told Allison that she should have died. They let Allison bring her home after a week in the hospital and she was able to nurse her back to life. Now she is a happy, thriving 14 year old.


  • She was a special needs glue baby who had parasites and pneumonia. She is now fully recovered both mentally and physically.


Many of the older girls that have passed through the doors of the EFP home are still considered our family.  They will always be taken back into the home and receive love and respect.  It has proven to be a blessing staying involved in their lives, both through accomplishments and struggles.

The girls are involved in volunteering at the PanAmerican Health Services outside of Peña Blanca; holding babies, playing in the playground with the younger kids, doing arts and crafts, and simply hanging out and chatting with the older kids.  We have definitely seen the girls grow with compassion and gratefulness through their volunteering. They love the chance to show God’s love to other children.


  • Eleven girls have been baptized.

  • Other girls have dedicated their lives to God.

  • All of the girls have a willingness to go to church and fellowship. They are eagerly learning more of God’s word.

The scars and abuse that all of these girls have endured, whether visible or not, will always be there. However, by God’s grace they are continuing to heal each day.


The original vision began with helping girls over the age of 18 transition from the orphanages they grew up in to successful living through education and mentoring in a loving home. Since then, God has enlarged the borders of the ministry to include younger girls, from toddlers to teens, as well as special needs and handicapped girls. We continue to provide loving care, education, and spiritual guidance to equip young Honduran girls with the Christian life skills needed in their journey to becoming thriving women of God, healthy in mind, body and spirit.


The vision of EFP's future is to continue providing the love of family, the gift of education, and the power of faith in Christ to children of Honduras.  With over 60% below the poverty line the country is filled with children who cannot even have their basic needs met.  Clothing, food, basic nutrition, and healthcare are scarce or completely foreign to them.  EFP is changing this - it is already breaking this cycle of poverty - but the vision is to continue to multiply that success and aid those in our local community.


For many in Honduras, features such as a ceiling are considered unnecessary.  Roofs may be in disrepair.  Floors may be dirt.  EFP plans to build a quality home that provides a safe environment for raising children. 

It has been a dream since EFP started in 2004 to have our own property and a house to fit our needs. There have been ups and downs along that road when we have thought that something was right only to have it fall through in the very end, but we always knew that it was in God’s hands and that we could peacefully wait on his timing.


Just a short ride from where we live now, sits 11+ beautiful acres of farmland and lava rock.  With enough land to fit our vision of a homesteading pocket neighborhood and school, with lake access for adventures and fishing, this property will serve us more than we could have ever imagined.


EFP currently rents a small building in which classes are held.  On the land EFP will own a small building will be erected to continue providing a bi-lingual education to it children to prepare them to live on their own and go to college.  This is an essential part of breaking these children out of the cycle of poverty they were born into.


The purchase of land will provide EFP the ability to locate more missionaries to Honduras to begin their forever families.  While saving each child in Honduras from the cycle of poverty is a large task, EFP wants to continue building the kingdom of God one forever family at a time.


If you want to grow our vision fund and help break the cycle of poverty for children in Honduras, you can DONATE or learn about more ways to HELP!