Invest in the future. invest in a child’s life.

Sponsoring a child with Eternal Family Project helps ensure bright futures for our children by providing a safe, Christian home in a forever family, an excellent education and proper nutrition and healthcare. Our children are no longer abandoned to the streets and orphanages on a path to continue in the cycle of poverty they were born into. Each one is a daughter and a sister that knows the love of their mother, their family and most importantly their heavenly Father.

EFP means so much more than just providing a meal or a place of momentary refuge. EFP is the complete life support system for our girls. Here is a list of just a few of the things that are supported by your generosity.

  • EFP House where the girls live in Peña Blanca

  • EFP Learning Center house where the girls go to school in Peña Blanca

    • we have a fully recognized and accredited grade school K-12th grade

  • Staff of four teachers each semester at the EFP Learning Center

  • House for our volunteers and teachers

  • Outreach projects in the community and with neighboring orphanages

  • Food, clothing, medical care, transportation for everyone

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