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Eternal Family Project is grateful to have a beautiful community of friends to partner with. Today, we ask you to support the next steps of our ministry and family. We have prayed over how God is calling us to move forward towards our vision while continuing to ensure the care of our family. Our fundraising goal enables us to:

Relocate to a safe and healthy home 

We were so blessed by 7 years of life in Pena Blanca, and look forward to building our forever home there someday soon. However, after many years without running water and mold growing in our walls, we must leave behind this temporary home for a cleaner and safer environment for our family. We searched for months in Pena Blanca, with the desire to stay close to our school and property, yet no houses could fit our family needs. After much prayer, God has led us to a home in San Pedro Sula. The city is currently where medical needs, groceries, and our church are located. As this is also where the girls in 10th grade and above attend school, taking up residence here until our forever home is complete will grant us closer access to these needs, reducing transportation and overall rent expenses. We believe with this consolidation, our ministry can begin directing more attention to property building. 

Prepare the Learning Center for another school year


The Learning Center will remain open to the community, and also remain the education source for our girls, grades 5th-9th. In addition to our accreditation, the LC is now officially approved to serve as an umbrella school for any homeschooled students through 9th grade. This will allow our girls within the LC to continue their education in a homeschooled environment. Additionally, we are happy to welcome back our students from last year, and are currently in the process of enrolling new students as well. Our vision for the LC has not changed, and we look forward to the growth taking place in our school. We are asking for donations to prepare our primary school building, obtain materials, and hire 2 more quality, bilingual teachers.

Prepare our family’s education

Paola and Denia will be joined by Michelle and Sarai in attending a private school in the city for 10th-12th grade. We are very pleased with the opportunities this school brings, as their vision is similar to ours at the LC. Additionally, as the LC practices the Montessori method, we believe it is vital for Kirby, Lizbee, Estrella, and Gisselle to continue learning in this environment, so their curious minds are encouraged to continue exploring and learning. Our girls in 5th-9th grade, will be homeschooled under the Learning Center, allowing them to engage in independent learning. Your donations will ensure these girls continue to receive a quality education, obtain all school supplies needed for success, and the hiring of 2 tutors to assist. 

Forward movement for our ministry

Honduras has been in a state of unrest due to protests. We are so thankful for everyone’s prayers throughout this time of increased violence and disruption of daily life. Everyone who remains here feels the consequences of the protests, through human rights violations and economic stress. There has been a drastic increase in cost of living. Basic living expenses such as gas, electricity, water, and even food, has consistently increased over the past 2 years. Your contributions will allow our ministry to recover financially from this disruption allowing us to pay off all outstanding bills, including this month’s, so that we may be in a better position to look and move forward successfully.

 The love, safety, education, and life skills provided by EFP would not be possible without you. We thank you for your prayers and support, and ask you to join us in this time of change by making a donation and sharing our story! If you have any questions please send us an email at: 

Thank you and we love you!

how to donate

Please use the donation form below to donate online. If you would like to donate by check, make checks payable to Eternal Family Project, note ‘Summer Campaign’ on the memo line, and mail to:

Eternal Family Project 
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