Sponsorship FAQ

How long will sponsorship last?

The term of your sponsorship is completely up to you. Our mission is to support our girls until they  are able to sufficiently provide for themselves. By giving them the support of a loving home and quality education we want to equip them with the life skills necessary to pursue a profession that interests them. We hope that you will continue to support them up to this critical moment.

Will my monthly contribution go directly to my sponsored girl?

Your monthly contribution will be made in the name of your sponsored girl. In order to ensure all of our girls receive equal care, your donation may also help support the general household.

What type of correspondence will I have with whom I am sponsoring?

We highly encourage you to sign-up for our monthly newsletters and follow us on social media. Through these two resources we attempt to give you access  to see what the girls are doing and what daily life at EFP is like. There is no mail delivery system in the town where the EFP house is, so mailing letters can be quite difficult. However, If you would like to send a special handwritten note to your sponsored girl, we would be happy to assist in making that happen. Email is perhaps the best way to ensure your message is delivered. Our internet connectivity in Honduras is sporadic at times, however we occasionally have the ability to make video calls with sponsors through Skype.

Can I send gifts?

Yes. If you would like to send a special gift for perhaps a birthday or holiday we know our girls would love that. Receiving packages is also a logistical hurdle. Several times a year we either ship items or send them with mission teams to be delivered to the EFP house. We would be happy to coordinate with you on getting your item to them. Monetary gifts are also accepted and can be designated to purchase gifts in Honduras for your sponsored girl.

Can I visit?

We encourage those that support EFP to make time to come visit. There are opportunities throughout the year to come alone or with mission teams. Please contact us for more info if you wish to plan a trip.

Is my sponsorship tax deductible?

In the United States, the Eternal Family Project is registered as a 501c3 Non-Profit organization. We can provide you with a receipt/donation statement to use for your tax filings. FEIN: 26-2181309.