birthday | 18 nov '98


Hi! My name is Rubenia–Ruby, for short. As you can see, I have blond hair and a LOT of freckles. I have been a part of the EFP family since 2009. I lived on the streets before Allison, my new mommy, took me in. When I was an infant, I was burned so badly in a fire that I lost my left foot and two fingers on my left hand. I also have scarring over much of my body. People think just because I’m missing a foot, I won’t be able to keep up with other kids, but BOY do they have it wrong! I have to say, though, my favorite activity is swimming. If I don’t keep busy I always seem to find a way to get into trouble – I have a lot of energy! I definitely keep my mom on her toes. She says I am the most feisty of all my sisters, and have a lot of spunk. I am also very affectionate, and have a crooked smile that is easy to love. My mom is so good to me, my sisters are a lot of fun, and our yard has many things to expel my energy…and I can’t get enough of this homecooking! Unbelievable. I always eat everything on my plate.

I have been traveling to the States every now and then for doctors visits and leg fittings as the Jordan Thomas Foundation is paying for my prosthetic leg and hand until I turn 18. Lately I have spent most of the year with a host family in the States. I love being in the States - it is so much fun. I am always looking forwards to my trip back to Honduras - there is nothing better than family!