birthday | 16 mar '12


Hi, I’m baby Lizbee and I am adorable. Everybody loves me, but I am not always in the mood to play with all of my older sisters. I cannot get enough of mommy though - unless I see a tablet or phone around somewhere, that I can try to steal. They are so exciting. You never know what games come on, when you touch them. My next best thing is glasses. I know mommy will never let me touch hers, but sometimes we play a game, where I pretend I have a chance of grabbing them. Even mommy can’t help laughing at that. I can get everybody to do what I want just by laughing. Well, that almost always works, but sometimes I have to put my foot down and get mad. I came here when I was only 3 months old, so I don’t really remember much from the time before that. Maybe I should ask my biological sisters Emely and Giselle about that some day.