birthday | 30 oct '06


Hi! My name is Jenci, I used to be the baby at home, but apparently I grew up really fast. Mommy says I’m really stubborn, but that it’s easy to have patience with me when I flash my disarming smile and giggle. She also thinks I’m very compassionate because whenever I see someone who is sad or crying, I give them a hug and a kiss. I am absolutely sure, I can do everything my older sisters can. And I will make them let me try. We dance, color, play hide and seek, and make bracelets. I also love to swim, and am actually really good at it! If I could be an animal, I would definitely be a fish. Then I’d get to spend every minute in the pool. I wonder if fish can eat and drink junk food and soda, though; I couldn’t live without those, but I could live without vegetables. Here at home I have adopted sisters to have fun with, but not long ago I was a very unhappy baby in the public orphanage. One day my new Mommy came and took me home, and for a long time it was really difficult to look after me. I was sick with pneumonia and parasites, and I cried 24/7. God was good, and I eventually learned to accept the love and care offered by everyone at my new home. Mommy is so thankful I came to live with her, and I know she loves me very, very much–even if she does put me in Time-Out every once in awhile!