birthday | 31 mar '12


Hi, I am Estrella Flor “Star Flower”. And I really am like a star. I am shiny and attractive, but come close, and you will feel the fire. I don’t like having strangers too close. The people I feel close to, have to be right next to me though. I prefer to have mom close enough for me to hang onto anything she’s wearing. My other best friend is my thumb. We have a real close relationship. In fact it rarely leaves my mouth. I am developing quickly though. But focusing on the vital things. I have already learned to say juice. I think my next words will be candy or maybe ice cream. I love any kind of junk food and the movies Princess Sophia and Frozen. When mom picked me up at the orphanage, she said I looked right into her soul. I was around 18 months old, but couldn’t walk and was all swollen with parasites and full of lice. I don’t really know much about my biological mother. I know she was very young and that we were living on the street, but we are actively looking for her - and my birth certificate.