birthday | 27 jan '08


Hola, I’m Emily. I so love the amount of sisters I have here. We play all kinds of stuff together. The best things I know is to color, swim and dance. My biological mother met my mommy at an orphanage a long time ago, when she was volunteer teaching. Mommy says that my mother was one of her favorites in the class. I was born two years after she left the orphanage and then came Giselle and my baby sister Lizbee. Without education and life skills it was hard for my mother to provide for us, but she tried really hard. When I was five we came to live with mommy. Mommy says I am smart and pretty hilarious. I have yet to learn enough English to know that word, but I’m trying and learning a lot.  My biological mother comes to visit time to time, but she is focused on working and making a better life for herself.  My sisters and I are very proud of her!