age | 30

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Hola! I’m Elvira, and I have been part of the Eternal Family Project for four years. Before I was given the opportunity for a life out of poverty, I lived in an orphanage beginning at age 6. I was really excited to join Allison’s family, and have worked hard to continue my education. As a result of my determination, I have become the only person in my family to graduate high school. Because I love working with kids and caring for them, I have been studying at university to become a Pediatrician. Right now I live at the University House, where I am learning to live independently as an adult. I really miss living and laughing with Allison and my little sisters, but when I visit, and I visit as often as I can, I get my fill for my time away.  I welcomed a baby boy to the world in 2014, Robert Andres, and now more than ever I’m committed to a solid life and future for my child and myself.  Allison describes me as very intelligent, loving, and outgoing. My friends say my beautiful smile is hard to miss, and that I am quite extroverted and easy to have fun with. Though much of my time is spent studying, I also like to hang out with my friends, watch movies with my sisters, play soccer and swim. I’ll be finishing my residency in 2016, and will start a program for my specialty in Pediatrics to help alleviate the suffering of sick children here in Honduras.