birthday | 23 jan '02


Hello! My name is Denia. Mommy says I have the cutest dimples and the most beautiful brown eyes. I always have something nice to say. I love to compliment people on their clothes and thank the cook for preparing the food. I want to be a pediatrician when I grow up and I cannot wait to be a mom! I am already a “Little Mommy” to my sisters, comforting them when they are hurt and making sure they eat their food. As for favorites, I love the colors purple and brown, and I love babies. Apart from that I like playing and cooking. Also, if I could be an animal, I would be a tiger! Mommy is blessed by me every day, and is so thankful God worked so that I could come live with her and my adopted sisters. Before EFP, I lived in a very unhealthy environment. Because my family was so poor, I had little to eat, and I soon became so sick with anemia, malnutrition and pneumonia that I had to stay in the hospital. At that time my new Mommy came to look after me, and for the next 6 weeks she and my adopted big sisters prayed and watched over me as I battled for my life. Now I am happy and healthy little girl who always finishes the food on my plate, never complains about eating my vegetables, and always asks for second helpings. I’m very talkative and I’m getting very good at English. I am also very affectionate, giving hugs to my big sisters and Mommy as much as I can!