You Know I Love You, Right?

Staying at Allison’s is as fun as it is exhausting. The exuberant girls take as much energy as they grant hugs and happy times. In the midst of this, the volunteer room is a Sanctuary of Tranquility. One summer a couple of years ago, eight year old Aracely apparently discovered the magic powers of the site, and as I helped her out the window every time she managed to climb back in, we had a minor discussion about whos sanctuary it was. I have to admit, that my patience was slim with her, as she seemed to have done everything in her might to annoy me all summer. Still, I could not help smiling at her parting remark: “I’m gonna tell Mom!” I was not sure what part of the afternoon’s events she would dare mention to Allison.

Of course she got in trouble, and I could not help feeling bad for the little girl who first got rejected heavily by me and then got in trouble. When she was told to come over and apologize, I had to hug her with a: “You know I love you anyway, right?” She lifted her eyes with a hesitant look in them, kept my eyes for a bit, and turned to run away. From that moment, her whole attitude changed though. The following weeks, she would come sit by me holding my arm, fetch my purse or phone anytime she thought I had forgotten it in the kitchen, and generally do anything she could think of to please me.

The event has stuck in my head ever since as a reminder of the lengths children will go to to be liked - or at least to be noticed. It is also a testimony to me about why children need a loving and consistent mother to be able to prosper, and why Eternal Family Project is worth it all.

- Tabita, Honduras