Who knew it could be so much fun getting out of people's way?

We are now experts in “getting out of the way.” In fact, we spent the whole weekend getting out of the way! First we were getting out of the way of the workers who will be redoing our roof over the next few weeks. But that led to getting out of mom’s way while she and the older girls packed up the house…so on Saturday our volunteers took us for an adventure fun-day! Twenty-one of us packed into the van and zoomed off to the big city. We saw the newest Barbie kitchen in a toy store, all the beautiful christmas decorations, and the inside of Kentucky Fried Chicken and their playplace. Even with all the fun of KFC and shopping, the high point of the day was definitely the movie Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. After 10 hours of fun in the big city, it was hard to decide what was more important when we got home… going to sleep or telling mom all about our day.

Sunday we had to officially be out of the house, although our alternate accommodations at Camp Bagope (a Baptist camp on the other side of Pena Blanca) were not going to be ready until Monday. We decided to move to the Learning Center for the day, and we spent the afternoon playing with bubbles and all the other toys we have way too little time to enjoy during school days. We even brought all our mattresses to have a sleepover. Mom didn’t have a stove to cook on, so we ordered Chinese take-out and spent the evening curled up on our mattresses watching movies!

Monday we could finally move to camp! What could be more fun than going to live at camp?! We made up our bunks, decorated the walls with some of our favorite posters, and ran outside to play on the big playground and the basketball court. We even brought our bikes so we can race around the grounds (and get to the kitchen across the camp much faster when it’s time to eat!!).