What to do When You are Bored

What would you tell someone who is bored? The answers came quickly from the ever active and ever engaged girls:
- Do art with me. (Saraí)
- Come play with the Babies. (Paola)
- Let’s have a water balloon fight. (Jency)
Their enthusiasm and imagination is contagious and you cannot help wishing to have their joy and zest for life. While it is hard not to laugh at Asly almost jumping up and down while suggesting going to the doctor, you have to take away from it that everything can be made into an event with the right perspective.
So, if you still need inspiration to overcome boredom, let’s share the list of suggestions with you:

Mariela: “Find your sister.”
Aracely: “Count the bricks at the school”
Michelle: “Cook with a friend.”
Sarai: “Do art with me.”
Paola: “Play with the babies.”
Asly: “Go to the States. ….no, go to the Doctor!!”
Giselle: “Go to San Pedro Sula.”
Jency: “Have a water balloon fight.”
Ana: “Play hide and seek.”
Addison: “Play hide and seek with Ana.”
Emely: “Let’s go to the corner store.”
Yolani: “Let’s play tag.”
Denia: “Let’s go play ball.”
Belkis: “Get out, go some place nice”