What is News? What is an interview? What is advertising?

As a teacher of Social Studies for 2nd and 3rd grade you have to be creative. Standing in front of the whiteboard and talking about the government, the departments of Honduras, or something similar doesn’t really work. So I decided I had to focus on something the girls know, and at the same time make it concrete and interesting for them. Therefore, I told the girls we were going to make a newspaper about EFP. They seemed excited but at the same time I sensed from the expression on their faces they weren’t quite sure what a Newspaper or “un periodico” meant.

After some discussion it was great fun to see how the girls started to understand what the news means, what making an interview means, and what advertising means as the week passed by. It made me smile when I heard them telling their sisters and the other teachers in an enthusiastic voice how we were making “un perido…”, “un periodo…” or “un, un….What is it we are making, miss Karina?” But even though they spent some time learning the difficult name of the thing we were making, it was obvious they started understanding the concept of a newspaper, and thereby also, how we in society can communicate with each other.

Most of all it was wonderful to see how proud my four students were, when they showed the newspaper in it’s final form to the principal and the other teachers. Even though I think we now have to work on other projects, their exciting question: “Can we do another newspaper next week?” made me seriously consider continuing just that. It surely is a blessing to me for the little time I have to be part of the education the girls receive at the EFP Learning Center!
-Karina Borcher, Denmark