"They make me happy"

Mariela is all into the kids at the Pan American orphanage outside of Peña Blanca. She is amazed herself at how much she has come to care for them. When we started going there, it was purely a chore. Now “I just love spending time with my boys”

We have commited to go visit the kids at least once a month. Often  we go more. Sometimes we will focus on the babies; holding them and talking to them. Other times we will play games with the older kids or bring healthy snacks for everybody.

Today was really fun as we brought materials for bracelets. It has never been that quiet in there. Everybody was concentrating as each of our girls sat with two kids teaching them how to make bracelets. And they just couldn’t get enough of it.

For our girls it is in opportunity to have service become a natural part of their lives. Our goal is, that the kids at PanAm will feel loved and have people around who are consistent. It is beautiful, to see the change in our own girls. Several of them were complaining about going in the beginning. Now they simply want to be around the kids.