Christmas in Church

The girls are enjoying the church big time. This past weeks focus has been on the Christmas play in church. Saturday was the main practice day and they got to dress up as gifts, elfs, Christmas trees and tamales (the typical Honduran Christmas meal) and practice dances (one of their favorite activities) in a show about finding the meaning of Christmas. They were as excited about spending the day with their friends in church as they were about the costumes and dances. And they could not wait to get to show us at the Christmas service on Sunday. They were so cute with eyes sparkling of delight while dancing on stage. It is hard to know who enjoyed it more, the dancers or the audience.

On top of that, they were able to join the church’s Christmas outreach yesterday to the orphanage, El Refugio. They sang with the kids, played games, shared a lovely meal and handed out gifts to the children. The girls had picked two names off the Christmas tree at church to buy gifts and were so excited about getting to know the children they had chosen and share the joy those very gifts gave the two children. The Christmas spirit is very real in our house :)