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The Difference Sponsors Make

Paola loves dancing. She always has. Her passion radiates when she is dancing. She has technique, flexibility, and the finish that makes the audience live the story with her. On top of that, she has a sponsor who cares and believes in her. We are so grateful for every single sponsor. They not only make it possible to live here and feed, love and care for the girls. They go beyond that allowing us to provide extracurricular activities such as dance and crochet classes for the girls to explore their passions and develop hobbies.

We love our sponsor’s commitment to the girls. Paola’s sponsor comes visiting, has cards and pictures of her around the office, which naturally makes Paola and EFP come up in conversations every so often. That turned into an article in the company newsletter, which the director of the company responded to by offering Paola an invitation and full scholarship for a three week intensive ballet summer school at Next Generation Ballet in Tampa, FL. For Paola it is an amazing chance to pursue her dream of actually becoming a dancer. She needs challenges, role models, and intensive training to be able to move on, and this is a great opportunity for her to reach her goals. With her sponsor’s offer to cover her trip up there and the program scholarship in hand, we are asking you to come along in prayer for Paola’s paperwork to come together and her visa to come through.

We want to thank all of our sponsors for your amazing support and your faith in each girl. None of this could happen without you.