Meet Fred, our juicer

You should meet the newest member of our family, Fred, our juicer. He delivers Fresh Raw Edible Drinks!  You can put all kinds of fruits and vegetables in it, and out comes the most delicious nutritious juice. The girls love making their own juice, and we all enjoy the tasty - and healthy - drink. Fred is the new super star on the home front.

We have now stopped buying processed food. Instead we are eating clean! We are a home of all whole grain, fruits, vegetables and lean meats. The girls’ love our new diet mainly because they are able to make it themselves. They prefer making homemade oatmeal banana cookies to the processed ones we used to buy. It turns out, that we eat less when we eat right, so despite the quality products, the budget stays the same.


The girls are happier and healthier. They have become more body and health conscious and the older ones have started working out on a regular basis. It is great being able to teach them about wholesome food and staying away from chymicals in the processed ones. It is a practice that will benefit them throughout their entire life, by cutting down on medical issues.


We have not always eaten as healthy as we do now. With such a big family, it is easy to do things the easy way. It has been a wish for a while though to eat better. Factors like time, energy and the possible resistance from the girls have halted the process. For the same reason, we started slowly, but it ended up being the girls pushing to go all the way in. So we dove head in to Clean Eating and have never looked back - unless there is ice cream around…sorry Fred!