KFC Playground

After four weeks out of school, the girls are dying to get out of the house. Their brains need inputs and their bodies excercise. As it is hard to go anywhere without paying, we do not get to go out too often. So much the better is the thrill when we do.

Thursday we celebrated children’s day going to the movies to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We all enjoyed it and had a good laugh. Still, to enliven the brains of children, there is nothing better than an inspiring playground. For that, KFC does a great job. From 17 months to 17 years, they all had a blast crawling, climbing and sliding up and down the colorful castle.

Trying to leave the place was met with audible protests from especially the babies, although they quickly fell asleep on the ride home. Such a great day. There is nothing better than seeing the girls happy and thriving.