Happy birthday y'all!


Party Preparation List

1) Invite friends.

2) Buy a huge cake - preferably with an excess of neon colored icing.

3) Find clothes that look kinda party-like, but that will also do for a frosting fight.

4) Let Fendi, our dog into a room. He does love a frosting fight. His size and momentum is a bit hard to handle though.

5) Find enough anti-frosting grownups to hold the babies and take them somewhere else. At this point they start whimpering as soon as they even see the cake.

6) Begin the party / icing fest / fight.


We really enjoy the birthday festivities. Since we learned to keep the battle outside - well almost at least - we have even minimized the clean up a lot. Also it adds the extra benefit of a fairly safe zone inside for those who enjoy that. ;)


With up to five birthdays a month, the party planning gets a bit extensive, so in additions to smaller celebrations on each child’s birthday, we have started doing one bigger joint party a month. That makes something to look forward to. Cake is not the least of the highlights, but as at any other party, food is pretty high on the list. In this area Allison’s - now traditional - chili does not disappoint. It is indeed a meal to look forward to, and we all do.


This Saturday Allison sat up a salon table with nail polish and glitter. Big hit. The girls love all kinds of sparkle.

However, with visitors, great food, and whatever kind of entertainment the day provides, the main focus is still the cake - either for its culinary value or its entertainment potential.