Evening Activities

Watching the girls in the evenings is amazing. While Denia(13) is teaching Chloe(2) her first ballet steps, Saraí(11) is crocheting clothes for all of her barbie dolls, Paola(12) is reading her Christmas gift: “To Kill a Mockingbird”, and Addison(4) is doing a spontaneous interpretive dance in the middle of the living room. It is a patchwork of each girl’s personality and likings.

They are so filled with life, creativity and curiosity. It is beautiful watching how the girls develop into healthy, self confident people; how they engage in people, games, sports and everything they can throw their energy at. Observing the change in them from the day each of them arrived until now is a testimony of love.

The power of family is the foundation for everything; love, security and someone believing in them have given them courage to fully live; to explore the world of dance, cooking, human relations and bracelet making. That is the power of family, that is why we believe in Eternal Family Project.