"Benefits of living in Honduras? My family. They love me for who I am."

Ruby has had a great time in the States. We picked her up from the airport on Friday, and she couldn’t stop telling about what she had been doing; the amazing food her host mom made, hanging out with the host family, going to youth group and all the friends she had made in youth group and at summer camp.

She has been going to the States a lot since she was little as a church there is sponsoring her prosthetic leg. For years though, she kept growing out of the prosthetic leg causing pain and blistering. So to allow fittings on a regular basis, she is staying there longer periods of time.

For the past semesters she has had the extra benefit of being home schooled by her host family. Ruby was not put in school until the age of eleven, so she has a lot to catch up on. She was so amazed at how far the past semester of focused homeschooling got her though.

Yet she says: “Loads of things are better in the States, but then sometimes I think of my family here.” As much as she has missed playing with her younger sisters and chatting with her older sisters, we have missed her. Our family is just not the same without her happy chatter and her mischievous laugh.