Home Alone

As you might have realized, Mom left us last Monday, and we got us a nanny instead. The nanny is not too bad, but nothing can make up for Mom.

Still, the week has kept us occupied; we have been doing drawings and letters for Grandpa in the hospital and we have been praying a lot for him to get better soon. Also we are trying to figure out how sick you have to be to be sleeping for so long (we still haven’t quite wrapped our heads around that), and lately we have been praying for Grandpa to wake up.

The week has offered good times too though. We have been celebrating Addison’s and Saraí’s birthdays, and since the freezer broke (again) this weekend, we had to get rid of all the meat in the freezer. We got burgers on Saturday and grilled chicken on Sunday. With Saraí’s birthday cake on top of that, we had quite a feast.

There might have been a night or two with someone crying and missing Mom, but all in all we are still enjoying all the treats everyday life brings around here.