Roadtrip to Copán

And five hours later we were finally….still on the road!

We got up at four in the morning to make it to Copan to see the Maya Ruins yesterday. All the girls were in an amazingly good mood waking up. Somehow they got tired during the next five hours though, and some even managed to fall asleep in between the ubiquitous potholes and following brutal bumps smashing their heads into the roof and windows.

Half past ten in the morning we finally made it there though and saw the amazing engineer work of the earlier inhabitants; pyramids, sculptures, game fields, alters, residential quarters and much more. Our guide was enthusiastic and knowledgable, and we got to crawl on the ruins and try out the acoustical wonders of the King’s worship court.

When we got home after a total of 11 hours in the van and 4 hours of cultural education besides the food and ice cream breaks, they were all exhausted and ready for bed. They loved getting to know their country and history, and they even nominated the day as field trip of the year.

We even managed to scramble enough sponsored T-shirts together to convince them, that they were school uniforms and have them give us school discount.