A Night at the Museums

Dress rehearsal, layers and layers of makeup, last minute fixes to their costumes, and of course hours and hours of practice to have everything perfect for the big day. The summer dance recital was “A night in the Museums” in one of the fancy theaters in San Pedro Sula. Several of the girls practiced two hours a day apart from their dance classes up to the big day and so their skills progressed accordingly. By the night of the performance they had all adrenaline build-up that was proper for such a big night.

Cute elephants, beautiful giraffes, stately Cleopatras, daring acrobats, cheeky dolls, floral damsels, and cool police officers occupied the stage. The ones of us not on the stage were trying to keep up with the baby chatter on our laps: “When is Nahomy coming out?” “Is that Paola?” “I see Michelle!!” “Look! Look!” The little ones were as enraptured by the fascinating costumes, the drama, and of course the talented dancing as the grown ups were. The dancers performed two nights, and both nights for a full house. We even had a team visiting who joined us the second day to enjoy the production.

While the girls spent every spare moment in the weeks up to the show perfecting their moves for the big night, the aftermath has shown to be as beneficial. The girls saw that their work paid off and they witnessed the more proficient dancers demonstrating the next level of dance for them. They saw how much more there is to learn, and were on the challenge as soon as we made it to Burger King for a late night dinner after the recital. Once again we are witnessing how dance and gymnastics are improving their physical well being, their self worth, mental health and their zest for life and new challenges. We are already looking forward to next dance season.

The girls would never be able to have such opportunities as dance lessons without the help of sponsors like yourselves and the dance studio’s discount to our ministry. With more girls ready to start the 4 and 5 year old classes and some girls’ wish to take gymnastics, we are in need of more sponsors! The girls enjoy doing their part to help fundraise for their costumes by hosting lunches for any mission teams passing through town, which saw over 50% of funds raised for the summer presentation! If you or a dance studio is interested in sponsorship, please contact us or go to our donation page on our website. Thank you!