Buying Property

Walking in the door after church, and already being fifth in the line for the bathroom - or even tenth in the line - is a very common occurrence in this house. With 23 girls to one bathroom, the girls have plenty of opportunity to practice the virtue of patience (and as many opportunities to ask for grace). And unfortunate is the girl who is not able to hold it, because with our lack of water these days, pants are not easily washed.

The house we live in has served us well, but it is safe to say that we have outgrown it. In fact we have outgrown most every rental house in existence in Honduras.

It has been a dream since EFP started 12 years ago to have our own property and a house to fit our needs. There have been ups and downs along that road when we have thought that something was right only to have it fall through in the very end, but we always knew that it was in God's hands and that we could peacefully wait on his timing.

Just a short ride from where we live now, sits 11+ beautiful acres of farmland and lava rock.  With enough land to fit our vision of a homesteading pocket neighborhood and school, with lake access for adventures and fishing, this property will serve us more than we could have ever imagined. We have been looking at it for a few years, even though it has been too expensive for us. A couple of weeks ago, the owner dropped the price. With our savings from earlier fundraisers along with some recent generous donors we now have all the funds to buy the property. It all came together over two weeks, so we ourselves are quite overwhelmed. Sunday we signed the purchase agreement! It is still crazy even thinking about it, but so amazing and a dream come true. It will still be a couple of months of paperwork just to finalize the purchase, and after that construction permits, but eventually we will be able to build.

We cannot wait for

  • The girls to have room for a desk and personal items in their rooms.
  • Playroom with space for acro dance, ballet practice, and general play.
  • Wells on site to allow for toilet flushing, hand washing etc.
  • A school building with a classroom for each class.
  • Safe outdoor areas for the girls to play.
  • Room to house other forever families when needed.
  • Large garden and some farm animals.
  • And plenty of other things.

So, please come alongside us in:

  • Praising God, our Father who made this possible for us.
  • Finding construction teams for the buildings.
  • Donating items for a container to be shipped.
  • Fundraising for all that needs to be done in the next few years.

And who knows, with everybody's help maybe the girls will never have to be more than third in line for the bathroom in the future.