Heartwarming Videos

Last Saturday night, after we returned from a long day in San Pedro, which consisted of spending quality time with loving sponsors, we all sat around in the living room, not aware of the special treat that we were in for. Allison turned on the television and on came a video of a little Sarai on her birthday from years ago, dressed up in a full, pink, princess costume! We watched four videos, all of which were from many years ago, and every single person’s face in the room lit up as they watched themselves and each other from different birthdays− all the girls completely dolled up in costume, looking unbelievably adorable in each video. Jenci, with her cheeky smile, watched with laughter as she saw herself (at about four years old) running and talking in the video, looking quite the same as the cute girl that was smiling at us from the television screen.

One of the fun birthday activities that the video showed was of Jenci’s pirate themed party in which each of the girls had to attempt to bite one of the apples that were hanging by string on the swing set. Cracking up at all the attempts from the girls (both the babies of the group at the time and our university girls), we did not expect anyone to be able to bite onto the apple long enough to actually successfully take a bite out of it, but then little Ruby had her turn, and she surprised us all. She was so innovative and determined; there was no question in her eyes that she was going to do it. After less than half of a minute, she had nudged the apple in between her cheek and shoulder and was eating it in full bites until it was down to the core! Sweet, little Ruby was beaming at us from the screen, so proud of herself.

The most important parts of these videos was not just how adorable or excited the girls looked in them− though they certainly were incredibly cute. The amazing part was to see how connected as a family they were and how they have grown up so much since then and are still that tight knit group with double the amount of girls. It was simply heartwarming to watch! Each girl brings something different and just as special to the family. Whether it be Jenci with her silliness, Ruby with her cleverness, or Ruthy with her ability to make everyone laugh uncontrollably. Every single girl has such a loving heart, not only in general, but especially with one another in order to make up a loving family, and what a special family it is.