A Girl with a Vision

With a cheeky (and exhausted) smile, Gaby said: “I think you are tired now, we should stop.” It was the fourth day in a row she had been struggling with homework until around ten at night. Even when exhausted she kept her spirit up, took a deep breath, vented through joking, and kept going, determined to catch up with where the others were.

Gaby started in a new school last week. Since they are following different systems, she has some topics - especially in math - that she needs to catch up on. On top of that, she has encountered a few mean girls. Regardless, she is resolved to do well in class, and she knows that it takes work.

Gaby was not always fond of school. Over the years she has been fighting both the concept of school and her different teachers. The development she is going through is beautiful to watch. She dreams of becoming either a veterinarian or chemist to create her own line of beauty products, and with a vision comes her dedication. Few things are better than a young person, who has a dream and the dedication to make it happen.