Every Child Deserves a Loving Family

The EFP vision has always been about family - every child should have the chance of growing up in a loving family with lasting bonds. Naturally that has meant, our focus has been on quality over quantity - we cannot alone give every child in Honduras a family, but we can make sure that Allison’s girls grow up in the love and care of a mother and siblings.

Our hearts break for the amount of children in Honduras, that do not have a family. UNICEF estimates that there are over 170,000 orphans within Honduras (counting both children with no parents and children who are not able to live with their parents). For as long as orphan care has existed in Honduras, orphanages have been the way to deal with it. While the thought of raising children in a family should not be novel, it has not been the way to do it until now.

DINAF, the new child services that took office last year, have their focus on arranging for children to grow up in families or smaller group homes. They have made it a goal to have 100 children adopted in 2015 (the number of adoptions in 2014 was 38). Apart from the adoptions, DINAF is working with at least two ministries (and more coming) trying to place children in good and caring foster families. The ministries find the families and do inspections and check ups allowing DINAF to reach even more children with their limited budget.

We cannot be more thrilled about more Honduran children growing up in a loving family. Every child deserves a loving family. Not just the girls of EFP.