Say Happy Birthday to Me

“Say Happy Birthday to me!” was Gisselle’s merry greeting from the beginning of the day. The confidence and sense of security with which she said it was like a warm hug. She knew it was her day, and she knew she was getting a cake. The only question was “Are you going to bake my cake?”.

It is such a different attitude from the one at her first birthday here shortly after arriving two years ago. She had just moved in and was getting to know the family and the house. She was scared and confused by the move and was trying desperately to figure out how to function in a new household. Even when held in the arm, she started crying when the whole family shouted “Happy Birthday!!”

This year nothing could ruin her day. She knew that everything was for her benefit because her family cares about her; the Minion cake, the Frozen balloons, the homemade cards and small gifts her sisters had for her. The joy in her eyes was worth gold. It is a treat watching her grow up; grow in security, grow in love, grow in joy, grow in self-confidence.

Knowing what a difference relations during the early years make through your entire life is a constant reminder of why family matters - and what a joy it is to have so much of it.