Summer Schooling

"Is it our turn now?" and "When are we going to school?" are shouts heard pretty much every time a group comes back from the Learning Center. The younger grades love coming down to do math. The older grades might be a slightly less enthusiastic, but they are all working hard, and with the intensity of the lessons, they are quickly developing their math skills.

While enjoying the holidays, we are determined on giving the girls the best education and the best chances for their future. The first week of July we had a teacher visiting to assess every girl's levels in math, reading, and writing. It is great having something to go from and be able to work with them in the areas they need extra help to get them up to speed on everything. So, that is what we are doing.

First through 5th grade are all busy with fractions in some form while middle and high school are working hard on getting a grasp on geometry. Everyone is challenged to the maximum, and with the intensity of the classes and their own dedication, they are taking huge leaps. It is amazing seeing the light in their eyes when they grasp a new facet of a subject and start doing it all on their own.

Thank you for all of you who make it possible for the girls to grow, learn, and thrive the way they do.