The Joy of Following Your Dream

The stars in Yadira’s eyes when she talks about nursing classes lighten the entire day. Yadira is so good at caring for people. The love and patience she has with Allison’s toddlers and the kind manner with which she cares prove what a brilliant nurse she will be. And there is nothing she would rather do.

After helping Allison for a year with the babies, Yadira started taking nursing classes on the weekends all the while helping Allison the rest of the week. She has been studying for half a year now and has a year to go. It is no doubt tough - studying is hard work, and every skill to learn is a challenge - like finding people’s veins for taking blood or muscles for injections.

She only needs to be reminded of why she is doing it, and she pours her energy back into the work. When the babies have a fever she takes the chance to practice what she has learned. Last week she started doing her mandatory practice and did her first hours with Elvira (who is nearing the end of her medical degree) on her shift at the hospital. Things just got real and despite tired hours of studying, the stars in her eyes are as bright as ever.

Having a shot at living your dream is not a given in Honduras. If you do not have wealthy parents who can support you, there is really no way of finding the money to go to college. We are so blessed to be able to stand by these girls as they tackle what the world throws at them and see God work miracles through them and let them flourish. Thank you all so much for standing with us and supporting them to make their dreams come true!