This past week we have spent painting the entire house. We have to admit that it was long overdue. The real reason for us finally taking the initiative to do it though is a longer story.

Allison’s girls have always been hers. She did not need to adopt them, as none of them would be going back to their parents and the chances of any of them ever being adopted were slim to none. That is what allowed her to create this wonderful family and give the girls the security of knowing, that someone loves them and will stick by them - that they finally found their home and forever family. You would think that was that, but...


The Honduran child services, IHNFA has been abolished over the last year and an all new organization, DINAF put in its place. DINAF has shut down most of the public orphanages and wants to focus on having all children adopted instead, placed in foster care or smaller group homes. That is great news for the Honduran children, but for Allison’s family, it has been a bit of a threat as some of the girls would go directly on the adoption list with Allison having no chance of adopting them.

As several people in Honduras are in the same predicament, DINAF has agreed to give a 90 day window for anyone who has had a child in their care for more than a year to adopt them. It does give us a bit of extra work and expenses, but it is thrilling to know that Allison might be able to adopt her own children.

So, apart from health checks, birth certificates and the like, the application has to include pictures of the entire house. This was of course the initial offset to this week’s project, but adoption or not - it is amazing living in a house with neatly painted walls. Love looking around our single colored rooms and the sense of tranquility it spreads.

Another thing we need is an American adoption agency to write a letter for each girl stating that if Allison should ever choose to return to her home country with her adopted kids, that the agency would take care of check ups statewise. We cannot afford international adoption for all of the girls, and we have no reason to either. Allison has no plan of moving back as both Allison and the girls’ home is here. Nevertheless, we still need the letters, so if you know of a company that would write such letters for the girls for an affordable amount of money, please let us know.