“Don’t tell anybody, but you are my favorite!”

The answer is most often a giggling: “You say that to all the girls.” It is obvious, that they love to hear it anyway, and Allison loves telling them. Even with so many children, every single one is special to her. She loves seeing each of them turn into independent, compassionate, and creative beings, and the majority of her spare time is spent watching every one of her dear girls and finding ways to stimulate them in their growth.

Of course taking care of sick children, breaking up the fights that are ubiquitous between siblings, and making sure there is always food on the table does take a lot of her time. Still, that is just water under the bridge in between the joy of finding each girl’s learning style for their school work; encouraging them in giving their best in everything they do to grow and blossom; and showing every one of her 28 favorite children, that they are worth all that.

While time and money create natural but very strict boundaries, Allison, like any other mom, knows nothing better than doing fun things with her kids. Even more so when the activity has beneficial elements as in swimming, walking, or learning about cultural sights around the country. She had the ideal Mother’s Day taking the girls to a quaint swimming pool nearby watching them laugh, play, and fall asleep on the way home after a perfect day.