Dancing a Story

Ballet Magnificat’s performance was such an experience for the girls. They were fascinated with how much the dancers could express through their dance; the story they could tell and how clearly the sentiments of the dancers shone through the performance.
The girls’ favorite part of the workshop was the drama lesson learning how to act out a story.

The girls have been working really hard on technique in ballet the past months. It is clear that they are developing in that area; getting the steps more exact and improving their flexibility. During dress rehearsals for the dance outreaches, they were so focused on getting the steps right, that they forgot to smile. Luckily they went to the Ballet Magnificat workshop and performance in between dress rehearsal and our first dance outreach. One girl said: “I had never known you could express such sentiments through dance (…) Before I was so afraid of what people thought of my dancing. Now I know that it doesn’t matter, I am doing it for God anyway.”

It was obvious on the day of the first outreach that they had all taking that one thing with them from the the performance and workshop they had been to. They were spirited and living the story through the dances. But more on dance outreaches later. For now, we are so grateful for everyone who helped them go to the workshops and performance of the past weeks. They have been eye openers to the girls.