Pila, noun \ˈpēla:\ Cement basin collecting water for a variety of purposes

The center of a party is in the kitchen - unless the water supply is elsewhere. The past few weeks, our meeting point has been by the pila in our back yard. It is where we clean teeth, wash hands, rinse the plates and wash the tights before ballet practice. The babies take half their showers there and everybody else is having showers whenever there is enough water for it.

While we do have water in the taps under normal circumstances, there has not been much water recently. Occasionally a bit of water will trickle out of the faucets, and we have the faucet over the pila open at all times desperately trying to fill it up. With 20+ people sharing the water supply, our pila does not hold much water to go around, and just yesterday it ran out of water completely again.

The silver lining for the younger ones is that they cannot wash their own dishes after dinner. Belkis and Mariela are not fond of that, but they in turn enjoy earning a bit of money taking all the clothes to the pila at the Learning Center to wash by hand.
Please keep us in your prayers as living on limited water creates unwelcome stress, not to mention sanitary issues that arrive with not being able to keep everything and everyone clean.