Easter Fun

Rarely have we seen the girls so exhausted. Aracely could barely lift her head from the couch and a bunch of the girls had simply gone to bed in the middle of Sunday afternoon. We usually have a more traditional Easter Celebration with new dresses, rejoicing in church and enjoying a nice meal back home. This year, we had the chance of celebrating in a different way.


While everyone had a blast with the action packed weekend, they each had their favorite part. Ruby (16) loved the waterpark and especially the thrilling water slide (a simple construction that made everyone from age 4 to 32 scream with excitement). While Denia (13) loved the boat ride on the lake and Giselle (4) could not get enough of dancing to the live marimba band on board, Paola (12) was all about the Easter candy, and Gaby’s (15) favorite part was spending time with our Easter visitors.

The couple visiting for the holidays definitely did everything to make the girls feel special. They invited us out for meals and fun activities making spring break an amazing cocktail of sun, water, games, and delicious food. They also made sure to seek out every single girl getting to know each one of them. We are so grateful not only to our newest friends, but also to all of you who show your love and care for us in visits, support and prayer.