Cooking for 20+ People

Yolani(11) took a swim in the pool with the frozen packaged ham for pizza the other day. It took a few minutes to find the ham afterwards as half the girls were enjoying the pool all the while. Nevertheless, it worked. If there were not 20 girls who love to steal our attention, we would have remembered to take out the ham to thaw earlier. As it is, it is hard taking the time to cook for 20-30 people three times a day and plan so far ahead that things are actually bought, thawed and ready.

There are benefits and drawbacks to having help in the house. There is a bigger chance of always having food ready at the exact hour and it definitely frees up time having someone focus on that very task. On the other hand it is nice having the privacy of our home and family intact. Also when the girls are not in school, dancing or doing other activities, we are able to have fun cooking with them.

Giselle(4) is slowly picking up on breaking an egg without losing the entire egg on the table and floor. Asly(7) was so proud of being able to form rolls for sandwiches and Yolani put such an effort into spreading the pizza sauce evenly unto the crust, and of course they all had a blast playing with the ham in the pool. All small things that give an extra laugh to the day even if it is not the easiest course of action.