Ana, we found your birthday!

“Ana, we found your birthday. It is April 1st, and you will turn 15.” Ana’s whole face lit up while all the girls around her started jumping up and down in delight for her. Back in class her classmates kept talking about it and laughing with her over the new discovery. The neighboring class spent their music lesson preparing a piece to play in celebration of the happy day. More than learning her birthday, Ana’s great joy came from learning that somebody cared enough about her to rejoice with her.

Ana is looking for her forever family. Another ministry asked if she could stay with us for six months while they found a family for her. It has been more than a year, and the family hasn’t been found. Most families prefer younger children and it is a challenge finding families for teenagers. As well as any other girl, Ana needs a forever family who loves her and can care for her needs. Please keep Ana in your prayers as we keep looking for that special family that will be lucky to have her.

Meanwhile, we are happy to celebrate her birthday with her and show her, that she is worth all that.