birthday | 30 mar '95

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Hi! My name is Belkis and I just can’t believe that I got this opportunity. From the age of 11, I had a “friend” help me find my way into drugs, parties, and dubious means of getting the money I needed. I enjoyed that life, but a nagging emptiness gave me an increasing need of stimulants. Almost 15 years old and pregnant, I was taken from the streets. My only goal was to escape again. So much, that I didn’t even bring any clothes to Allison’s. But I had another thing coming. Allison cared for me, took me to the doctor and supported me. From the moment I saw the ultrasound of my baby, I knew things had to change. I wanted my baby. Allison was there for me in a way that my own mother never was. And through her I got to know Jesus. My whole attitude and focus has changed. Before I only thought of myself and what would benefit me. Now people call me the “go to girl”. I enjoy helping out my mom and my sisters, and I am always the first to get up whenever someone needs help. But what really matters in my life is my 4 year old daughter Addi. Every time I see her, I thank God for her and for the new chance I got through her. I know how it is not having a mom being there for me, so I want to make sure to be there for Addi. When I have finished my studies, I want to open a home for pregnant girls. I want to do for others what God did for me, through Allison.