The BeginNing

In June of 2000, the EFP family began when Allison Alexander traveled to Guaimaca, Honduras for the first time, as a short-term volunteer to work in an orphanage. What began as a summer volunteer opportunity became the next two years of the God leading, teaching and opening her eyes to the needs of the children of Honduras as she lived and served at the orphanage. During this time she witnessed the stark realities of the lives of abandoned and abused children in Honduras. It is typical of many orphanages that children are not educated beyond a basic middle school level, creating struggles as they reach the age to be released. They are faced with limited choices, having little education and job skills. Girls and boys, once they hit puberty, often live on the streets, many times resorting to crime and/or prostitution for survival. For the girls, they sometimes may be offered a job within the orphanage, essentially becoming enslaved, with no other options. Allison saw that many of the children left the orphanage only to return to the streets of gangs, crime, prostitution and death, God prompted her to do something about it. After researching and finding that there were no halfway houses or young women’s shelters to help these girls, she planned to create a better solution that would provide them with a stable home and a real future of opportunities.

In August of 2004 Allison moved back to Honduras and into the future of the service that the she was called to do. With the help of her sister Abigail and friend Crista, the Eternal Family Project was born. They rented a house in the coastal town of Omoa, just west of Puerto Cortés, and invited nine young women (ages 18-22), which they had known from the Guaimaca orphanage, to be a part of the EFP family.