Birthday | 26 mar '14


Hola, I’m Kirby.


birthday | 16 mar '12


Hi, I’m baby Lizbee and I am adorable. Everybody loves me, but I am not always in the mood to play with all of my older sisters. I cannot get enough of mommy though - unless I see a tablet or phone around somewhere, that I can try to steal. They are so exciting. You never know what games come on, when you touch them. My next best thing is glasses. I know mommy will never let me touch hers, but sometimes we play a game, where I pretend I have a chance of grabbing them. Even mommy can’t help laughing at that. I can get everybody to do what I want just by laughing. Well, that almost always works, but sometimes I have to put my foot down and get mad. I came here when I was only 3 months old, so I don’t really remember much from the time before that. Maybe I should ask my biological sisters Emely and Giselle about that some day.


birthday | 31 mar '12


Hi, I am Estrella Flor “Star Flower”. And I really am like a star. I am shiny and attractive, but come close, and you will feel the fire. I don’t like having strangers too close. The people I feel close to, have to be right next to me though. I prefer to have mom close enough for me to hang onto anything she’s wearing. My other best friend is my thumb. We have a real close relationship. In fact it rarely leaves my mouth. I am developing quickly though. But focusing on the vital things. I have already learned to say juice. I think my next words will be candy or maybe ice cream. I love any kind of junk food and the movies Princess Sophia and Frozen. When mom picked me up at the orphanage, she said I looked right into her soul. I was around 18 months old, but couldn’t walk and was all swollen with parasites and full of lice. I don’t really know much about my biological mother. I know she was very young and that we were living on the street, but we are actively looking for her - and my birth certificate.


birthday | 8 aug '11


Hola, I’m Gisselle, My BFF Addison and I are the most perfect team. With her brains and my sense of mischief, we commit the perfect crimes. I just have to figure out how it is mommy is always onto us. We have plenty of time ahead of us to figure that out though, and meanwhile, we are all over the place running and playing, and we only have to look at each other to get lost in a giggling fit. I love my biological mother, but since she was unable to take care of me and my sisters, Emely and Lizbee, I am so glad that she let us grow up here. Mommy is so awesome. She is my refuge whenever the world collapses (aka I run into a wall and hurt my toe or when I’m upset because my older sisters don’t want to play with me).


Birthday | 3 Sep '08


Hola, I’m Nahomy. I can charm almost anyone with my little girl smile. Especially when I am dressed for the occasion. I love playing dress up. I really do look gorgeous in a pink or purple dress. In fact I think everything pink and purple looks magnificent. And if I can get a hold of my mom’s high heels to play with, I am on it. Don’t kid yourself though. I can be unbelievably strong minded too when I feel like it. I have been through severe trauma for a girl my age, but I’m learning how to heal. I am living with my mom, Genna and my sisters, Flor and Estefani in a house down the road from Aunt Allison. Child Services says we need someone to help us get back on our feet as a family, so this is what Aunt Allison is doing. I love playing with her girls and feel safe at her house. She will hold me, if I need it, and feel it’s like a second home.


birthday | 4 mar '08


Hi! My name is Asly. Mommy says that I am quite rambunctious. I love to run, skip, dance, spin, and tackle people with hugs. I have a lot of energy and am constantly on the move from the moment I wake up until it is bedtime. I haven’t always been full of energy. When mommy first met me, I had just recovered from being very sick. I was in a critical care center fighting for my life. Thankfully, I was nursed back to health there and can enjoy my life with all of my sisters. I love to learn and have been told that I am pretty smart. I am so glad mommy started her own learning center. I got really bored in the old school. And here we have a trampoline that I can play on during breaks. Mommy tells me she’s proud of how I try to behave and understands how hard it is to have so much energy bursting out of me.


birthday | 27 jan '08


Hola, I’m Emily. I so love the amount of sisters I have here. We play all kinds of stuff together. The best things I know is to color, swim and dance. My biological mother met my mommy at an orphanage a long time ago, when she was volunteer teaching. Mommy says that my mother was one of her favorites in the class. I was born two years after she left the orphanage and then came Giselle and my baby sister Lizbee. Without education and life skills it was hard for my mother to provide for us, but she tried really hard. When I was five we came to live with mommy. Mommy says I am smart and pretty hilarious. I have yet to learn enough English to know that word, but I’m trying and learning a lot.  My biological mother comes to visit time to time, but she is focused on working and making a better life for herself.  My sisters and I are very proud of her!


birthday | 30 oct '06


Hi! My name is Jenci, I used to be the baby at home, but apparently I grew up really fast. Mommy says I’m really stubborn, but that it’s easy to have patience with me when I flash my disarming smile and giggle. She also thinks I’m very compassionate because whenever I see someone who is sad or crying, I give them a hug and a kiss. I am absolutely sure, I can do everything my older sisters can. And I will make them let me try. We dance, color, play hide and seek, and make bracelets. I also love to swim, and am actually really good at it! If I could be an animal, I would definitely be a fish. Then I’d get to spend every minute in the pool. I wonder if fish can eat and drink junk food and soda, though; I couldn’t live without those, but I could live without vegetables. Here at home I have adopted sisters to have fun with, but not long ago I was a very unhappy baby in the public orphanage. One day my new Mommy came and took me home, and for a long time it was really difficult to look after me. I was sick with pneumonia and parasites, and I cried 24/7. God was good, and I eventually learned to accept the love and care offered by everyone at my new home. Mommy is so thankful I came to live with her, and I know she loves me very, very much–even if she does put me in Time-Out every once in awhile!


birthday | 27 nov '04


Hi! My name is Michelle. As you can see from my picture, I am a beautiful, bright-eyed little girl. Recently, I’ve discovered that I love to talk, and I never fail to get attention with my loud but cute cartoon-character voice. As for favorites, I absolutely love the colors yellow and pink. I like to wear skirts, do arts and crafts, and bake yummy things to eat; if I could, I’d make and eat cake for every meal! Maybe we could make milkshakes for a snack. Or maybe fish or fried chicken. I want to be a chef when I grow up. It could be so much fun. If I could be an animal; I’d be a tiger so I could ROAR! Mommy says I am very sweet, though, and she is very thankful that I came to live with her. When I lived with my biological parents, my sisters and I were not treated very well. One day the police came and took us to the public orphanage. Even at the orphanage, I had no reason to smile. Though people would try to make me smile, I refused. Now that I have a new mommy and home, I can’t help but smile! I get to hang out and play with all of my sisters who I consider family. I also get to swim in our pool, jump on the trampoline, and have slumber parties in the living room. Even though I have a lot of learning ahead of me, I’m up for the challenge. In the meantime, however, I’m going have fun just being a kid!


birthday | 31 aug '04


Hi! I’m Aracely. I love to make my family laugh with my funny faces, original jokes and crazy antics. I wasn’t always this way; When I came, I was so sick that I could hardly breathe, and my tummy was so swollen that I could barely fit into clothes; I was almost three and couldn’t walk. Then, my new eternal family took me home and gave me the love and care I needed. As a result, I am the bright-eyed, giggly girl you see now! At my new home I love to swim, play, sing and learn with my adopted sisters. I love watching Malificent and find Kung Fu Panda; absolutely hilarious movies. Even though I look beautiful in pink, I like the colors blue and white the best because they are the colors of Honduras. My favorite thing to do is go with mommy on errands, or just any kind of outing actually. Mommy says I am very smart, and that I am the class clown; I am also a great dancer and have an adorable singing voice! When I grow up, I would like to be a teacher.


birthday | 27 dec '03


Hola, I'm Estefani. I am the quieter one of my sisters, Flor and Nahomy. Well, that is until I trust and know you. Then I can scream and play as loudly as any of my cousins at EFP, and I know nothing better than to dance with them and play ball with them. There is always a party going on, and I love joining it. They also have the moviePrincess Charm School. That is my favorite movie. My teacher says, that I am really good at math and art. I like both, but most of all, I would like to be a ballet teacher. I really like helping my cousins getting their ballet routines right. Would be great to do that as a full time job. I have spent a little time at an orphanage until Allison came and took my sisters and me to her own house. After that we spent a little time with another family from the states before being placed back with our mother. We now live right down the street from Aunt Allison, where my mom works during the day and my sisters and I play with our cousins there.


birthday | 11 oct '03


Hi! My name is Sarai. I am very independent and quite content to play by myself; I like to do things my own way, because I am a true artist. I used to live with my biological family, but that environment was very unsafe, and I was taken to the public orphanage. I lived at the orphanage until my new mommy brought me home in 2007 and nursed my malnourished body back to health. My sisters, Paola and Michelle, came to EFP too, and here we get something we never got at the orphanage–a loving and nurturing Mommy! We also got more sisters, and I have so much fun swimming, coloring, reading and playing with them. Mommy says I crack her up with my stubborn personality and contagious giggle, and she is so happy I came to live with her. As for favorites, I really like the color green. I also like horses because they like apples like I do. I think it would be great to be a horse, don’t you? Horses don’t eat little girl food, though; I would miss out on MilkyWays and ice cream cake! Maybe I will be able to grow my own food someday; when I grow up I want to be a Gardener. Then I could grow roses too. I could be a Ballerina, too; I am double-jointed all over and more flexible than all of my sisters. My true passion is being creative; I love anything that has to do with art.


birthday | 28 may '03

Hola! My name is Yolani. I have a smile that can light up a room! I love lots of sports and can be found most days outside running and playing. My childhood hasn’t always been easy and fun. My biological dad died of AIDS when I was younger and my mom, who also had AIDS, left me at a hospital when she could no longer care for me. I had to fend for myself a lot at a very young age, and spent most of my time begging on the streets. I really love living with mommy and all of my sisters. We get to take ballet classes and play soccer. I would like to be a coach when I grow up. Or maybe a school teacher or a nurse. I’m very athletic and can play with the “big boys”.  I love a challenge and I’m very competitive. I love helping out with the babies too. Mommy says that I have a very kind heart. She says that I am always very sweet and loving with my sisters.


birthday | 8 may '02




birthday | 23 jan '02




birthday | 18 may '99




birthday | 18 nov '98


Hi! My name is Rubenia–Ruby, for short. As you can see, I have blond hair and a LOT of freckles. I have been a part of the EFP family since 2009. I lived on the streets before Allison, my new mommy, took me in. When I was an infant, I was burned so badly in a fire that I lost my left foot and two fingers on my left hand. I also have scarring over much of my body. People think just because I’m missing a foot, I won’t be able to keep up with other kids, but BOY do they have it wrong! I have to say, though, my favorite activity is swimming. If I don’t keep busy I always seem to find a way to get into trouble – I have a lot of energy! I definitely keep my mom on her toes. She says I am the most feisty of all my sisters, and have a lot of spunk. I am also very affectionate, and have a crooked smile that is easy to love. My mom is so good to me, my sisters are a lot of fun, and our yard has many things to expel my energy…and I can’t get enough of this homecooking! Unbelievable. I always eat everything on my plate.

I have been traveling to the States every now and then for doctors visits and leg fittings as the Jordan Thomas Foundation is paying for my prosthetic leg and hand until I turn 18. Lately I have spent most of the year with a host family in the States. I love being in the States - it is so much fun. I am always looking forwards to my trip back to Honduras - there is nothing better than family!