birthday | 4 mar '08


Hi! My name is Asly. Mommy says that I am quite rambunctious. I love to run, skip, dance, spin, and tackle people with hugs. I have a lot of energy and am constantly on the move from the moment I wake up until it is bedtime. I haven’t always been full of energy. When mommy first met me, I had just recovered from being very sick. I was in a critical care center fighting for my life. Thankfully, I was nursed back to health there and can enjoy my life with all of my sisters. I love to learn and have been told that I am pretty smart. I am so glad mommy started her own learning center. I got really bored in the old school. And here we have a trampoline that I can play on during breaks. Mommy tells me she’s proud of how I try to behave and understands how hard it is to have so much energy bursting out of me.