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Hola! I’m Yuri (pronounced Judy), and I am one of the original girls to join Eternal Family Project in 2004. As an infant I was brought to an orphanage where I lived all my life. The orphanage could not suppress my outgoing personality and fun loving ways. Being welcomed into Allison’s family gave me the opportunity to finish high school, and in 2007 I graduated as the Valedictorian of my class. With my academic and athletic abilities, I was blessed with a scholarship to study and play soccer at a private Christian college in the States. I graduated in 2012, with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Health Science, and proudly work for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, as well as being a traveling spokesperson for Operation Christmas Child. Allison says I am great with children and I’m a natural leader, and thinks that with my go-getter attitude will reach my goal to open a  soccer camp for poverty-stricken Honduran street youth and kids. I have a passion for sports and a heart for the forgotten children of Honduras, and believe in the power of organized sport to open doors for change. I always look for the good in things, and figure, “Hey? Why not dream big?”. I’m grateful for my life in the States, however I do miss my sisters in Honduras; I love coming home to visit, but am so thankful for the amazing experiences I am having in life as a result of God’s blessings through EFP and my host family in Tennessee!